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Re: Galapagos. Any Tips? I'm Going in April

I found a polarizer to be key in certain situations. Really brought out the colors of the water. I used an aperture of 2.8 almost all of the time for the purpose of increasing the speed. The birds will be get very close to you, but they are very mobile and twitchy, so faster is always better. Luckily none of the animals are afraid of you can you can go right up to them. The guideline is 5 feet away, but that is mostly just "enforced" on larger animals like sea lions, tortoises, land iguanas. You have a galapagos naturalist with you at all times, but ours didnt care if you got closer to smaller animals, like lizards and birds as long as you were respectful of them. I would also make sure you have a camera back of some sort for the rides to shore. About half of our landings were wet landings, meaning you literally jumped out of the boat near shore and walked onto the beach.

Additionally, the galapagos that you visit will be drastically different from the ones in my picture because I was there in the dry season (barely any vegetation). Thus the animals, especially the birds were very easy to spot. You will be there after several months of rain, so there will be a lot more foliage. So it may be more difficult to spot things. But my top tip would be to leave your camera on the entire time you are hiking because you never know what will scurry by.

I would also bring an underwater camera with you if you have one, or at least get one of the disposable underwater ones and bring it (very expensive there). There were snorkeling opportunities every day and all kinds of interesting wildlife like giant green sea turtles, flamingos, sharks, ect.

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