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Re: I've decided to stick with the dual system

BellaBull8 wrote:

I'm in a quandary here, trying to decide to work on a dual system or just switch altogether.

Currently I have a Canon setup, using a 7D plus the 17-55 2.8 lens primarily, plus the 85mm 1.8. Have the 70-200 f4 L IS but that's going on the auction block as I rarely use it now anyway.

Here's my dilemma:

I am seriously considering switching to a setup with the xe-2 and xt-1 plus a couple primes and the premium zooms about to come out. The promise of a significantly lighter setup coupled with the IQ people are raving about from Fuji is making me drool.

Travel photography is my first love, and not being weighed down with 8 tons of gear when shooting crop sensor anyway would be LOVELY. And saving space in my carry-on? Oh yes.

No sports, birds, or kids in my shooting. Primarily city/landscape, food, detail, and portraiture.

Have any of you made a similar switch? I also do work with speedlights and Alien Bees strobes - anyone use those off camera with the X series?

Eager to hear back - and thanks ahead!

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Hi Bella,

I was reviewing the photos I've taken the past few years and the majority of them were taken with my Nikon D700/D3s/D800 with various lenses.  The D3s is my speed camera for fast action photography and wedding photojournalism whenever I am second shooting for wedding photographer friends.  It's the camera that I can immediately grab and adjust the settings quickly to capture a scene.

The D800 acts as my "film" camera in the respect that I must slow down and think out my intentions due to its large RAW files.  I never want to repeatedly mash the shutter button with the D800 because the hard drive storage space can quickly fill up.  I use D800 for portraiture and fine art such as multiple exposure photography.

The Fuji X cameras go to more places with me than my Nikon equipment, mainly due to their compact size and lighter weight.  Like you, they have become my choice of gear when I am traveling.  The X100s or X-T1 w/two or three lenses can fit in the center console inside my vehicle--I can't do that with any of my Nikon dSLR.

Either system has its pros and cons for me.  As a photographer, I have to learned to deal with the limitations of each camera by switching over to the appropriate tool I need to carry on with my photography.

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