Pull the trigger or wait? D800

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Re: Pull the trigger or wait? D800

Metaxzen wrote:

I've been dreaming of buying a D800 for a while now but I am terrified that a new, better version will be coming out soon. Has anyone heard anything on when an update to the D800 might be coming? I'd rather wait 6 months and get the next best thing... Thoughts?

Ps - Hi! I've been lurking for a while. Enjoy the posts here from everyone!

I would keep waiting.  A new camera will come out soon.  And once that camera comes out they will design another one very soon so I would say it's probably best to wait maybe 5-7 more years until the last camera comes out.

There's no point in taking pictures with a camera that is going to be outdated soon...those pictures will be no good.

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