Is there a next sx280 model?

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Re: Is there a next sx280 model?

tron555 wrote:

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tkbslc wrote:

Canon's 1/2.3" and 1/1.7" sensors are among the best in the market and have improved significantly (almost a stop) over last years.

I don't think Canon has made a 1/2.3" sensor since they made the SX1 superzoom, years ago. Their own sensor production, outside the large sensors (G1X, APS-C and up), seems to be limited to 1/1.7" sensors as used in the Canon S100 and S110 (not sure about what's inside the S120).

For the 1/2.3" sensors in models like the SX220/230, SX240/260 and SX270/280, IIRC it is a public secret that Canon bought the Sony 12MP BSI-CMOS for that (the same sensor that also got used in the Pentax Q1, among others). Since Canon stuck with a relatively low MP count all those years and Canon processing is good, they reaped the benefits with good quality. I suspect the improvement in recent years is down to more powerful processing (Digic 6, since last year) and to better algorithms.

So, correct me if I'm wrong in interpreting you reply. Are you saying that:

  1. Since Canon bought the Sony 1/2.3" 12MP, that is good enough and large enough sensor should not be used?
  2. Since Canon sticks to 12MP's, they have good enough image quality, and sufficient enough?
  3. Since Canon has Digic 6 processor, sensors should not be getting any larger than 1/1.7" because that size sensor is good enough?

Are you really satisfied with simply good enough, or would you like to see larger, more efficient, sensors that give you much better IQ, more resolution, better DR, features, etc...? The reason Canon is continuing to rest on its laurels is because some people keep saying "it's good enough for me" and buying whatever they put out. If they Stylus 1 came with a 1" sensor, it may have been a contender. If the Nikon P8000 is good as I think it will be, I just may upgrade my G12 for it. As far as I'm concerned, 1/2.3" and 1/1.7" sensors are for cell phone cameras, NOT high end fixed lens cameras!

You are indeed misinterpreting my reply. I never said anything about large sensors in that post, I merely corrected a (according to what I've heard) wrong assumption about the origin of the sensors used in recent SX-models and some other 1/2,3"-sensored models from Canon.

As for the point you make, though: of course using a bigger sensor reaps important benefits, but there are also compromises involved. An SX camera is not really a high end fixed lens camera, even though it is more upmarket than the typical garden variety 3x compact. Its trump card is its lens, which may be slow but which can range from 25mm wide angle to a serious telephoto of 500mm (and you can even handhold the latter in reasonable light thanks to efficient stabilisation). If the SX used even a 1/1,7" sensor, it would probably look like an Olympus Stylus 1 (or bigger) to fit that range in a lens that can cover the larger sensor. If it used a 1" sensor, it would look like a Sony RX10 and cost similar amounts.

Obviously there is a market for the SX-series: it can easily outzoom a smartphone, even the Nokia Pureviews, and it is very compact while packing a lens that would take a far larger camera to replicate in a model with a substantially bigger sensor. If Canon can do that while realising a semi-decent performance on noise and noise suppression by picking a reasonable sensor and good processing, more power to them.

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