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deednets wrote:

meland wrote:

A few points in no particular order:

  1. All manufacturers will subtly try and convince you that you can only really have a big dick if you use their latest model. And the more expensive that product is the more you will probably believe them.
  2. Very few subjects can tell the difference between one black box and its lens and another and its lens. If you think they will be impressed then you are sadly deluding yourself.
  3. If you are a crap photographer then better gear may help you get shots that are sharper and more correctly exposed - but they will still be crap.

I know all that, but fact is that Cartier-Bresson (who was mentioned here in respect to the image is what matters, not the gear as such) used Leicas.

True but when HCB started to use Leicas many 'photographers' considered them to be toys.  The image of Leica has evolved considerably since then.

The Russian mother uses a Canon 5DMKII and some rather fast glass (the 135/2.0 seems to be one of her favourites!).

All nonsense, right?

I only picked this up when a guy on the leica forum stated that gear doesn't matter and had some comparisons of a 2-dimensional object taken with a Pana and a Leica for comparison.

My conclusion was that gear actually matters, if you wanted to go by that particular thread, the Leica images worlds ahead of the Pana, but like MP3 is ok for some, only analogue via some tube amplification will do for others.

Your second point was "impression". Not sure why you would mention that, but to clarify, I was thinking about confidence, not how to impress the folk! A different matter entirely!

Crap is crap, I agree, but that surely is the other end of the spectrum, again not what I had in mind.


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