How are people getting on with the FLU card?

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Re: How are people getting on with the FLU card?

JohnXLondon wrote:

You mention interference from your home network? Do you have the Nexus 7/Flu card set up so they are both on your home network? If so, I'd suggest you don't. Set them up so they're connecting directly and are not available via your home network, plus you should be using Chrome as the browser on your Nexus 7.

Apologies if I'm trying to teach you to suck eggs!

Speaking of Chrome (and this is as far as I've gotten in this thread so far, so I hope I'm not repeating something already posted below), I just had to reboot my computer a while ago due to the "been-on-too-long-and-starting-to-throw-tantrums" issue and when it finished rebooting Secunia PSI tossed me up a message that one of my programs needed a manual update. THAT turned out to be CHROME, which is what I use for this forum and much of my internet (Sadly, I'm still using AOL for my email and some other stuff -- kinda feel stuck there -- but it hangs up with things like streaming videos [as does IE] I've YET to have such issues with CHROME).

Anyway, this is my first pop into my new version of the Chrome browser... don't see ANY difference. In fact, I just went into the Google Chrome folder on my hard drive and BOTH the "Old Chrome" and "Chrome" files are the same size with the EXACT SAME file name "33.0.1750.146," so I don't know WHAT changed to require an update or "re-install," which is what I had to do.

At any rate, that may be necessary, if you're using Chrome, at least to be SAFE from BUGS (Secunia had it listed as a HIGHLY CRITICAL upgrade).


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