Confused with equivalent aperture

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Confused with equivalent aperture

Hi all,

(bit of warning this is gonna be kind of big topic with full of questions, you have been warned!)

1. I am looking on the studio comparison tool and it looks like that at small isos the 1/2.3 sensor can do very very good. I had also some very good results with my cheap point and shoot camera at manual mode (Example: ) . I also find increasing iso that can give very good results. Although we all know that these cameras when starting zooming out start to give very bad results. After having such a camera for a year I do not believe that the problems start basically from the poor iso performance but mostly for something that has to do with optics and equivalent aperture (That is what I believe). The aperture maximum are: F3.1 - F5.9 and the question is how these relate to a full frame camera? How these values affect not only the depth of field but the image quality I get?

2. How to calculate depth of field on such cameras with 1/2.3 sensor? I guess that f/8 of my p&s camera is not f/8 on a full frame camera.

3. Lets also put put into game a aps-c camera with a legacy lens. I set the aperture to 2.8. What is the equivalent aperture of a full frame camera?

4. Now lets compare two point and shoot cameras: (I am giving the specs)

how one can find for their common focal range (overlapping) what are the maximum apertures? Useful to understand how fast each lens does?

5. What is your favorite pizza flavor?

Thanks a lot for reading. Answering would be also appreciated.



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