System Switch - Have you done it?

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Re: System Switch - Have you done it?

Wow, this is like deja vu...

Former 7D owner here. My primary photography interests are travel, landscapes, nature, food, and model photography.

Long story short, I ended up switching after owning an X100 and loving it, and realizing I resented my DSLR when doing the things I enjoyed shooting. When Fuji announced the X-Pro1, I jumped on it... the 7D started collecting dust. The 7D is a wonderful camera in all but two areas, weight and image quality (sorry Canon fans, I just didn't like the 7D's sensor). It's handling and focusing speed, though, were out of this world.

Fast forward two years, I have a X-E2, X-Pro1, four primes and two zooms. I take different lenses with me on different trips, and I couldn't be happier. I do sometimes miss the fast focusing speed, but the X-E2 is definitely a step above the X-Pro1 in that regard, and the X-T1, I imagine is better.

I continued shooting model photography without issue. I'm an Alien Bees user myself. I have two AB800s and an ABR800, along with their standard triggering system. Haven't had an issue with using them. In fact, just did a shoot on Sunday with no problems.

All in all, I'm enjoying travel and random adventure photography much more now. When I had the 7D, I'd often leave it at home and not shoot at all. When I got the X100, the 7D started collecting dust, unless I needed a certain focal length. When I got the X-Pro1, the 7D was sold off, but missed from time to time. When I got the X-E2, the 7D was missed very very rarely. I imagine the X-T1 (or even better, the future X-T2, hah) will make me not even look backwards.

Image quality on the X-E2 has been a significant improvement over the 7D. But I will say there's some caveats. Adobe's RAW processing is good for noise and dynamic range control, but falls short in fine details. I use Adobe the whole way through for street and model photography. For landscapes, I use Iridient (Mac Only), to develop a TIFF, which I then push through Adobe's applications. Iridient has a better demosaicing system for X-Trans files than Adobe does, I find, especially for landscapes. The detail is very impressive from this sensor and these lenses when using the right processing techniques. I've heard good things about Photo Ninja and Capture One for better detail retention than Adobe's programs.

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