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William Curtindale
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KVanhoogen - Hood and More: Question on the hood

KVanhoogen wrote:

Do you leave it on all the time?

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Kim VH

Kim, I expect others don't leave the hood on all the time but when I am on a trip I usually have the lens mounted to the camera all the time with a bracket that spans between the camera mount and the lens collar mount. I also leave my hood on and actually apply election tape on the rear edge of the hood to the ring on the lens.

I have a case that the assembly lays in and it is ready to go. I expect I may be extreme with this but it's the way I Like to do it. I carry the camera / lens on a comfortable shoulder sling (DIY). The sling rest on my left shoulder with the camera up-side-down and pointing rearward on my right hip. I can quickly slide the rig up the strap and to my eye ready to shoot (I love this rig, it is secure, comfortable functional). I refuse to have any quick connects or hooks as part of my rig (I have seen so many failures over the years).

More than you asked but I hope it helps.

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