System Switch - Have you done it?

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Re: System Switch - Have you done it?

BellaBull8 wrote:

I'm in a quandary here, trying to decide to work on a dual system or just switch altogether.

Currently I have a Canon setup, using a 7D plus the 17-55 2.8 lens primarily, plus the 85mm 1.8. Have the 70-200 f4 L IS but that's going on the auction block as I rarely use it now anyway.

Here's my dilemma:

I am seriously considering switching to a setup with the xe-2 and xt-1 plus a couple primes and the premium zooms about to come out. The promise of a significantly lighter setup coupled with the IQ people are raving about from Fuji is making me drool.

Travel photography is my first love, and not being weighed down with 8 tons of gear when shooting crop sensor anyway would be LOVELY. And saving space in my carry-on? Oh yes.

No sports, birds, or kids in my shooting. Primarily city/landscape, food, detail, and portraiture.

Have any of you made a similar switch? I also do work with speedlights and Alien Bees strobes - anyone use those off camera with the X series?

Eager to hear back - and thanks ahead!

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Don't assume. It makes an a** out of you and me.

I too have made the switch from Canon. I got the X-T1 a week ago today. Over the past 3 weeks I have sold my 5D3, 70D and many lenses and flashes. A lot of L lenses in that lot. All I have left is an SL1, a 580EX-II and a few lenses. I'm waiting on a friend to let me know if he wants any/all of this stuff before posting on Ebay. My only hesitation in making the switch has been the lack of long lenses in the Fuji lineup, and the poor selection of TTL flashes available. I believe Fuji will deal with these issues in time.

So far as the camera, I am delighted with the ease of use and image quality. I love going back to an old school design camera with knobs/dials for exposure settings. It's been many years since I shot with such a camera. But, I'm finding it to be like riding a bicycle. Some things are just natural, no matter how long you go between use.

Based on your current lenses, and your favorite type of shooting, I think you could make the transition to the X-T1 quite easily. I have no experience with the X-E2 (never even seen one), so I can make no comment on that one.

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