Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

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Re: Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

sabesh wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

sabesh wrote:

I don't use external flash. But if HSS fill in daylight on the RX1 is as good as the X100s, then I'd be happy. Thx for confirming that they are both similar with regards to HSS.

It depends by what you mean with respect to HSS fill. The Sony has a much stronger minimum flash setting which results in blowing out pics up close. Higher shutter speeds won't help. Only closing the aperture or using a neutral density filter will fix it. I've thought of making up a little diffuser that I could attach to the camera. I experimented with a diffuser sock but it didn't cut the light down enough.

Thx very much! In that case, I'll pass on the RX1, as I like to take fill flash pics with not much effort or thought (on vacation). The X100s does this very well.


Don't get me wrong, it isn't a problem outside in bright light WHEN you've got it stopped down.  It is only a problem at really close distances and when you have more open apertures.  I use the it for fill all the times outdoors.

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