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Re: Show me your Camera Bag...

PINOYE90 wrote:

I have my GX7 with 2 kit lens 14-42 and 45-150...

I can find good slim bag that can hold the camera and extra zoom lens..

Any advice to get good slim bag that can carry some lens too?


My girlfriend and my slim camera bags. Hers is a Jo Totes Allison. It's a fantastic bag for women (or men who likes handbags). It is very slim on the sides but opens up in the middle, thereby keeping a slim profile while still holding a lot of stuff. That could probably be customized to hold anything up to a GH3 + 12-35 and it fits all accessories just fine for a day of shooting. Honestly, this is probably the best lightweight M43 bag ever designed, I just wish they made it for men as well.

My bag is a Domke J-803 satchel. It's very slim and attractive but it struggles to hold some of the larger cameras. The camera insert that comes with the camera struggles with anything bigger than an E-P5 (and the GX7) is. However, it's not a lost cause, as I use the insert off to the side to hold lenses, and then I use a foam divider from one of my other bags (the Tamrac insert, actually), and then I can comfortably carry a GH3 + 12-35. It's not the greatest amount of protection in the world, not as good as the Jo Totes, but for the form factor, it's great. Plus, a slim bag like that you keep close to your body is unlikely to see as much rough action as a heavy big bag that you might set on the ground from time to time.

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