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Re: The best IQ you can get.

Telhma wrote:

Okej, I have a 1DX and a 135mm Lens, and i want to get the best possible imague quality out of this thing. I tryed allready some kind of things, but i can not test it under the same conditions. so that's why i ask my question.

My 135mm is a very sharp lens, but it still is much sharper at f4/f5.6 then at f2. If i take pictures at S:1/250 A:f4 ISO:100 they look sharper then when i take them at S:1/1000 A:f2 ISO:100. But i am shooting mostly sports, so shuttertime is not realy a thing i want to give up. what means i need to get in to the higher ISO. and yes, shooting a picture att S:1/1000 A:f4 ISO:400 still looks sharper then shooting a picture att S:1/1000 A:f2 ISO:100.

But when i am in a situation where i need ISO800 with a A:f2 to get a shutter speed of 1/1000. it starts to look different, and i need to say i am not sure annymore if my images are sharper if i shoot ISO3200, A:f4, S:1/1000.

If i reach S:1/1000 A:f4 ISO:12800 compaired to S:1/1000 A:f2 ISO:3200. I need to say the images at f2 realy look much better then at f4.

So, my question is: is there somebody who know att what ISO you better go for a little les lens sharpness (leave subject isolation out of it).

Thanks in advance.

This is my 7D at 12,800. I can't imagine the IDX not going well with higher ISO's.

As you increase ISO image sharpness will degrade to some degree on any camera. We have it so good today. When I shot film and needed a real grainy look I just through some 400 ISO film in.

The higher you shoot the more you need to pay attention to PP techniques. What developer are you using?  Are you using the 3 phases of sharpening?

Do you have photoshop? When you open a RAW image the masking slider is a very important tool. It only sharpens edges for the capture sharpening phase. If you move the slider and press the Options (Alt for PC) key you can see the results. I'm usually at about 80. LR is the same.

Careful noise reduction while viewing at 100% is important as luminosity effects sharpening directly and Adobe does a good job.

LR is a good product I use often but I don't have the control I want for final sharpening when I work on my hobby shots. I use the following method for output sharpening. Again an edge sharpening method that you over sharpen because at the end you can feather back. No two images sharpen up the same way. One of the best I have found to date and it is free.

Resizing is important as well. I find Adobe's algorithms have really improved over the years. I created an action that incorporates the RSS method above and the two videos below. The action resizes and sharpens.

The video does get into reducing image size.

If you want any more info let me know.

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