D800 vs H5D-50c

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Still a very different beast altogether

pcm81 wrote:

So, Hassy has switched to CMOS and with 50 PMX medium format the pixel density is similar to d800. Actually a bit less, at same pixel density ad d800 MF would have around 70MPX. I am guessing that the advertised 6400 usable ISO may indeed be cleaner than 6400 from d800, but probably only by a stop or two...

"Only" a stop or two - that would be a pretty remarkable difference consiedring the D800 is among the top cameras in terms of high iso performance.

More likely it will at most be between half a stop or one stop better - mostly by virtue of the 70% larger capturing area (which in itself should give about half a stop). And maybe in some part by virtue of being a almost three years newer design (the D800 was originally slated to be released in the summer 2011).

So the question is: why would you buy the new 50 MPX hassy vs d800? With older MF sensor tech color depth arguments were made to defend MF digital, but with CMOS sensors on new MFD cameras, it just seems like a bigger, bulkier d800.

Color depth has little, if nothing to do with CCD vs CMOS technology, more then anything else it is related to the design of the color filters. But this si also a factor which could mean teh Hassy is actually not noticeably better at high iso then say a D800 - a more conservative CFA design could actually mean slightly less of high iso performance, as a trade for more color depth.

Clearly new MFD cameras are still for studio work or landscape only, 2fps and large lenses are not that useful for sports or reporting.

Sports and reporting is probably a very low priority for any MF manufacturer

MFD cameras tend to be used in situations where you do not need a very fast workflow, nor having fast moving subjects. MF is more about maximizing resolution, about DOF control, and being able to use extremely well corrected lenses for good corner to corner performance.

The new Hassy (and the new Phase One backs and the Pentax using the same CMOS sensor) mean you get a somewhat more versatile MF camera then before. And with a significantly better live view which is not insigificant since these cameras is often used for the kind of precision photography where live view makes a lot of sense.

The D800 by comparsion is still a enormously more versatile camera, and while their uses intersect somewhat, the bulk useage of D800 is completely outside of what you will use a Hassy for, meaning they are only in some limited ways direct competitors.

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