System Switch - Have you done it?

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Re: System Switch - Have you done it?

I am making the same switch right now. Going from 7D and four lenses to X-T1 and some sweet primes. I'm the same as you, really looking to lighten the load and have a camera that begs to be held and shot with. I have no issues with my 7D at all - great camera, dependable in every way. The only time I've ever missed a shot has been my own fault.  But, I just never pick it up.  I'm always looking for something else to use. I am very itchy for my new Fuji stuff to arrive at the shop.

I'm currently selling my stuff on eBay and have apparently run into my second scammer in a row trying to get me to complete the transaction offline: "Just email me your Paypal info and I'll send you payment today!" "Buddy, just click the pay now link and you'll pay immediately through Paypal, I'm not emailing you anything." *crickets* Oh well. I've since implemented many of eBay's buyer limitations, so we'll see how it goes from here.

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