Best photo editing software?

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Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,591
DXO9 best ORFs ever...

I've been shooting with ALL of Olympus Pro grade camera bodies since the E1 in 2003.

I've had/used Oly's software since the start and LR and PS and tried other stuff.

I downloaded DXO9 (demo) and at default settings the ORFs from my OMD (1-5) are "THE BEST" ORFs convertions I've ever seen.

Put's Oly Viewer to shame.

I've always 'liked' LR's ORF RAW conversion but not defnitely not loved them.

LR RAW converter was way faster than Oly but the color was juuuusssstttt not quite there for me.

I've never tried DXO before and I'm buying it after seeing the ORFs.

I have NOT TRIED the latest LR though.

I'll say demo newest LR and DXO9.

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