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Re: That's the nature of the beast.

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

This is my opinion only ok?

The 135 is an older model. It has only been in recent years that Canon (and maybe other manufacturers as well) have begun optimizing their lenses for wide open performance. The 24-70 II is a prime example. It's best aperture is f2.8 and doesn't need much stopping down to shore up the corners. I've always thought the 85L II was decent wide open too.

The 135L is sharp enough wide open for all practical purposes other than shooting landscapes and printing them huge. Certainly much sharper than the 85LII wide open. The challenge is focusing it right, and the DOF.

Agree, I don't have the 2/135L but I have the 2.8/200L which has a similar optical design. It is almost perfectly sharp wide open, but only if I use Liveview for focusing and if the whole scene falls within the DOF (e.g. landscape scene near infinity, some architectural subjects). Going from f/2.8 to f/3.5 will increase the micro-contrast a bit but that's about it.

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