Having trouble picking 2nd camera. Considering D800. Need advice.

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Re: Having trouble picking 2nd camera. Considering D800. Need advice.

I use a D800e as my primary camera, with both a V1 and a V2 as secondary cameras when traveling.

Personally, I don't mind the size of cameras with grips as I really like shooting with a grip.  I do a lot of verticals, and it's certainly easier with a grip and second shutter release.

My 'travel kit' has been evolving since I went FX, and again since the d800e.   Whatever I choose, it has to fit in my waist bag, which is admittedly large (Thinktank Speed Racer).    For a recent 3-week trip to Europe, I used a 16-35vr, 24-70 and 80-400.   The more I carry around this kit, the more I realize I hardly ever shoot wider than 24mm, so it's entirely conceivable to me that I might reduce to the 24-70 and 80-400.    (I also have the 70-200F2.8, but the added range of the 80-400 makes it more flexible and they're about the same size.)

I took a backpack to Europe as well (most of the travel was on a cruise ship) with a D700 as a backup.  I never turned it on.   Carried other lenses as well, and used a 35f1.4 and 85F1.8 prime a bit, but really only needed the zooms.

To complement the D800e, I used a V2 with 10-100vr zoom as my complementary camera.   If I had a wide lens on the D800e, I could shoot long with the 10-100.  If I had the 80-400 mounted on the D800e, I could shoot wide with the 10-100.  I had a choice between IQ and convenience pretty much at all times.

I've traveled before with a superzoom (D200 and 18-200vr), and while convenient, it just didn't have the IQ I wanted.   The equivalent now would be a 28-300, and I saw several of those on D800's in Europe.   I prefer the 24-70 & 80-400.

If I really wanted a DSLR and further size reduction, I'd probably go for a 24-120vr.  Very useful focal range there.

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