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Re: Well...distortion is a funny thing

Clayton1985 wrote:

The post in question said minimal distortion and that no other zoom comes close. There is distortion and there are other zooms that come close and then some.

Wished that was true in reality...I just sold the 16-70 and going to send the 24-70 back the sides and corners are not even close to the 12-40 Oly...center they excel above the 12-40 easily I might add, but when you have to crop 1/3 off each side the center doesn't matter much on a landscape shot...

Distortion truth, the Oly 12-40 is actually better than most E Mount Primes, hence "PRO" grade, with the Oly PRO 7-14 f/2.8 and 300mm f/4 2015 I am going to go that route...going to keep the A7r, 55mm, 24mm f/2 + LA-EA4 Adapter until a wide prime materializes for the FE Mount...hopefully sooner than later...

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