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Lloydy wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

xoio wrote:

Are you having a laugh!?

At you, for sure.

Any PF in the S100FS crop isn't worth mentioning in your pic.

It's not only easily visible without pixel peeping, it was produced using substantial underexposure and on a heavily overcast day, both of which reduce purple fringing. On more normal higher contrast sunny days, purple fringing would be much worse. It's your comment that really wasn't worth mentioning.

... Not sure why you are 'beating this drum' but PF on the S100 fs ceased being an issue years back.

I'll add that to the list of things that you're not sure of.


All mainstream editors automatically fix the issue and have done so for years.

And many cameras that have less than perfect lenses also try to "fix the issue" in camera. But as you should know (at least I hope so), fixing the issue is done at a cost to image quality and detail, both of which are reduced when the PF is in effect, painted over. At least you're finally admitting reality. You once denied the S100fs's purple fringing, even going as far as trashing DPReview and their S100fs review because of their characterization of its massive purple fringing that was literally "off the charts".


Just makes you look totally out of touch

Coming from you that's a big improvement. Your insults used to be harsher and more personal. Is this a sign of mellowing?

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