Thoughts on D700/800 combo for event shooting?

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Re: Thoughts on D700/800 combo for event shooting?

StillLearning wrote:

Jogger wrote:

I have a D700 and will likely be adding a D800 in the near future. But, im wondering how i will use both of them for event work.

I was thinking of the D700 24-70/2.8 for the informal or rapid snapshots (these are not likely to be printed or blown up).. and the D800 100/2 zeiss for the more formal or posed shots. I was also thinking of pairing the D700 with the 24/1.4 instead since i would have the short-tele range covered with the 100/2 lens. For larger group shots, i would probably need to put a wide on the D800.

Any thoughts?

Sounds like a good plan. I have the same combo and they worked fine together. I used a sigma 35 on the D800 and the 70-200 on the D700 the last time I used them together for an event.


Looks like your D700 is doing fine at 3200 ISO.

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