Best photo editing software?

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Photoshop observation

AndyW17 wrote:

I am a huge fan of Lightroom. Terrific catalog and key wording capability, excellent post-processing. Non-destructive editing. Unless you're really looking to do photo editing (as in add/delete objects, layers, or other more advanced techniques), there's no way you need photoshop over Lightroom. The learning curve on Lightroom is significant, but there are excellent online resources. The learning curve for Photoshop is crazy steep, even life-long relatively speaking.

I don't disagree with your comment on Photoshop, but would like to observe that for me it has become a "calling". I started playing with Photoshop long before LR was introduced (in fact even before Photoshop added layers - can you imagine!), and was intrigued enough to learn more. First I hung out in the Retouching forum and gained all kinds of advice and tips. Then I started looking at short online video tutorials (like the hilarious but extremely instructive videos of the Russell Brown show - ). Then as my knowledge grew, it was sort of like a rolling stone growing bigger and bigger, to the point I wanted to read more about it, take some online tutorials (like the excellent Deke McClelland - ). Where I am today - yes I'm pretty proficient in Photoshop and love to spend hours fiddling with pictures to either achieve the result I'm looking for or have a "happy accident". In fact, although I get out and shoot lots of images, I find that doing so is primarily to produce materials for my real hobby which is post processing with Photoshop and my various third party plugins (including Lucis, Topaz and Nik).

There is absolutely no question that for the kind of post processing I'm into, neither Aperture nor LR will cut it, and they can't even begin to compete with Photoshop. But if you're not into post processing as I am, and just want a relatively straightforward approach to improving your digital captures to suit your particular tastes, then LR (and I assume Aperture, although I don't have actual experience with it) are good and powerful programs that will undoubtedly suit you just fine.

Finally, if there's any possibility that you may want to stick your toe into the retouching waters that I and many others swim in (especially the regulars on the Retouching forum), I suggest you sign up before end of March to get the special $10/month (with one year commitment) for LR and Photoshop CC. You can start with LR and if in fact begin to develop an interest in Photoshop you'll be able to migrate over.

Sorry to be so long winded.

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