GM1 Owners - what 1 thing would you request in firmware?

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Re: GM1 Owners - what 1 thing would you request in firmware?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

rorycberger wrote:

I agree with the idea to disable the AWB button.

Should be optional - it does not bother me

A few other ideas:

-Show focus peaking in AF mode. This would allow you to use autofocus then dial it in a little by just moving the camera forward or back an inch or two until, e.g., your subject's eyes are peaking.

Ricoh is the only company with focus peaking live in AF mode (it can be switched off). The big advantage of focus peaking in AF mode is that it gives a representation of dof. The peaked areas ripple as the dof changes with aperture setting. As much as they ripple when in mF and the focus is adjusted.

-Ability to disable the touch controls tab but keep the fn tab. I want the fn tab and use it often, but i accidentally hit the other one too often which has nothing I care about on it.

If possible it should be optional as it does not bother me.

-If you hit the exposure compensation button, you should be able to use the right/left buttons rather than just the wheel to adjust. If you try hitting them now it dumps you into AWB or AF mode controls (this wouldn't be so much of an issue without the sticky wheel/touchy buttons).

The wheel/button interface can be improved. I get false presses but the number of these presses has reduced and especially since I figured out that I was actually causing them myself by reflex finger presses ingrained form other cameras. The little wheel combo works pretty hard for a living and does not always work the way my fingers (at least) expect it to do. Off to re-training camp for them ...

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Tom Caldwell

Yes, of course those things would be optional. I wasn't suggesting they just remove the features.

I'm sure I will get better with the wheel too; and I agree that most of the problems stem from my own muscle memory/false intuition.

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