E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

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Re: Lol ...

Jack Hass wrote:

You seem to be arguing anything against MFT, as if you have something to prove. Then i look through the forum and it seems im right - LINK. There is no convincing somebody who doesn't care about the truth. Enjoy your chip on that shoulder, and your non MFT cameras. Like it or not, more and more people are seeing it's a great system, even former FF users Andwe are smiling ear to ear.

It is you again? New alias?

Non sequitor, shoot the messenger, ignore forum rules?

And the reference to "we" is all telling....

I have no idea why you make such an off topic response. Read my post again: your IBIS claims are biased and overrated, and my response was neither the first nor the last that you will see on this forum, posted by people with real experience.

I also don't know why you keep trying to proclaim superiority of the m43 systems here - isn't this the forum where you would expect that your facts will get picked apart?

And, fwiw, I have nothing against m43 systems, but I am wondering why m43 users are posting on other forums, especially this one.... and I am wondering why m43 users are so sensitive about me when I call them out on facts.

Oh, and many of these 'm43 users' that post here are not long-term users, with galleries and histories. Which puzzles me even more - as the real m43 users don't throw out posts like yours, then why would you? Do you even have original pictures with EXIF info?

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