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Re: Why not if RAW-S option is available and no speed limits

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Now we have 16, 24 and 36mp models, it seems that at these levels we have almost everyones needs covered. though this was also said by some at 6 and 12 mp. I just wondered if there are many people who feel they would benefit from more than 24 and 36 in an upgrade, and as these MP numbers keep on rising, or will they plateau, a bit like intel's MHZ bumps,

I'll gladly take more mp but only on two conditions:

-We get RAW-S options

-Huge amount of data does not limit the speed of operation or frames/s too much

54mp sensor would be great if there were 2 smaller RAW options.

Personally I would prefer to save RAW-S + jpeg on one card and full size RAW on another. And 99% of the time the full size file would stay unused.

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I wouldn't expect a medium format from nikon anytime soon. S-RAW (which is what I'm assuming you mean) is canon proprietary and not a true raw format. So kinda pointless.

RAW-S is the new Nikon equivalent to SRAW, introduced in the D4s. We don't know how it works yet.

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Interesting. I would rather see the ability to more effectively use the sensor to render lower mp and get higher burst rates with the same dr.

They'd need on-chip charge binning to do that, and it gets complicated with Bayer sensors.

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