70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: 70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

Super486 wrote:

However, it seems that some are bothered by the fact that with some care there is a wide DR latitude on recent Canon sensors (70D at least, and 6D looks even better) and noise characteristics is not bad at all.

No care can change the DR characteristics of the sensor. If the available DR is enough to you, fine. That does not prove that DXOmark are wrong, however, and it is time for you to admit it.

It seems it's not OK to say that, even worse to show some examples.
If you say I don't understand DXO tests and that makes you feel better, then OK. That doesn't change the point of my original post, though.

It does. Look at the subject line, it is still intact. You also say: Well, the actual results surprised me. I was expecting a ugly mess of blotchy noise, banding, pattern noise, but couldn't see it at all. That surprise shows that you do not know what the DXO findings mean.

You are fixated on DXO and pitch black pictures, I'm fixated on real world results. Let's be happy respectively, then.

Right now, you are fixated on proving DXO wrong, and you failed. As far as real world results go, it has been demonstrated many times here how the high read noise is a problem in certain situations, and I do not want to go there.

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