Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

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Re: Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography


just a side note to put perhaps some things in theira place but both A77 and A99 are pretty good as "light recording devices" with the A99 having some advantage with lower noise levels at certain ISO settings or in other terms if a certain noise level is considered still acceptable the A99 will allow shooting at a higher ISO setting (and such under lower lighting conditions).

Now for the shown example it seems that one would need much more of a night vision device than a camera for the identification of details / persons. IF the lighting level was that low hardly any camera would have been able to record anything different than "hardly lit people in even darker shadows". If there would have been at least a candle or other relevant light source you might have gotten a pretty nice mood picture. But to give "darkness" some atmosphere there needs to be at least some single light source iluminating part of the subject. If not all gets a mushy dark mess like the legendary black cat in the coal mine. So in this specific case it's not a question of selection of the right tool but of the right moment, when there's something to record with the "light recording device".

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