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Re: Part of the local camera zoo...

xoio wrote:

Are you having a laugh!?

At you, for sure.


Any PF in the S100FS crop isn't worth mentioning in your pic.

It's not only easily visible without pixel peeping, it was produced using substantial underexposure and on a heavily overcast day, both of which reduce purple fringing. On more normal higher contrast sunny days, purple fringing would be much worse.  It's your comment that really wasn't worth mentioning.


And as for the other two... Nothing but mushy Sh*te!

All your pics remind me of IS exactly why the S100FS IS called the 'legend'...

And that is Excellent resolution, where a 6+ year old bridge camera STILL p*sses all over its successors.

It needn't break a sweat. It was compared with two EXR sensor cameras which pretty much guarantees that the old S100fs will out-resolve them despite the EXR sensors having greater theoretical resolution. Now if you want to compare it with a tiny camera with a smaller sensor, Nikon's P330 produces images with slightly greater resolution and did it without using -EC to underexpose. Had I done so the P330's images would have turned out slightly better.


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