Best photo editing software?

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Re: Best photo editing software?

dbelling wrote:

I have never purchase photo editing software, but I would like to try it rather than using whatever comes free with a camera. I have a Mac computer, so what would work best with a Mac? I have read pros and cons for Apple's Aperture, Adobe's Lightroom 5 and Elements, but what works best with a Mac? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

David B

If you're not that proficient at editing photos then Photoshop is going to be a huge and daunting place to start.

Other programs are available now that take most of the pain away for the average photog. I find I only "Need" Photoshop when I want to do something more advanced such as content aware fill and multiple layers. (see caveat at bottom)

I would start with Lightroom - this will cover 95% of your needs - possibly more, especially if you shoot RAW - If you don't - Why not?

To avoid some of the more complicated layer masking exercises, you could do worse than getting Google Nik collection and/or OnOne Perfect suite. (Loads of Video tutorials for these on you tube). Only do this when you are fully aware of the limitations of Lightroom.

Corel PSPX6 is an excellent substitute "budget" photoshop, but I don't use it for Raw. I'd only buy this if you need something that LR5 and Google Nik can't do easily and you decide not to go rental for your software.

I have Adobe CS5 and PSPX6. PSCS5 and on are better than Paint Shop Pro, but not by much.

(Caveat) Photoshop will give you the advantage of a more streamlined workflow - especially if you use Lightroom and/or Nik Plugins, as layers can be opened as smart objects, thus retaining for you the ability to go back and readjust any of the settings in the filters you've worked in, be it Viveza , Silver Effex, Dfine etc.

With Lightroom and Nik plugins you have to save down each filter mod to a tif and then open up in the next filter (effectively flattening at each stage) which makes the operation a bit more cumbersome.

hope I didn't go into too much detail - anyway TLDR: Lightroom.


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