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Re: Well...distortion is a funny thing

Clayton1985 wrote:

NomadMark wrote:

David Lozoya wrote:

The ONLY zoom lens that I have used/owned that was sharp to the corners at all apertures with minimal distortion was the fantastic Olympus 12-40 f2.8. You have to see it to believe it. No other zoom comes close.

And with corrections turned off in camera, it appears distortion may be worse with that lens.


Incorrect, way better than any Sony E Mount Zoom, and almost as good as the 50mm f/1.8 prime...


At 12mm, there is only a slight degree of barrel distortion (~0.5%) and it's negligible beyond.


The 10-18mm OSS exhibits a moderate degree (2.2%) of barrel distortion at 10mm - while this is visible, it is actually a very good figure at such a focal length. At the other end of the range, thus at 18mm, it shows a pincushion distortion of 1.8% which is slightly higher than average. Unsurprisingly, the two opposing distortion types even out around 14mm.


The 55-210mm OSS exhibits a slight to moderate degree (0.9-1.8%) of pincushion distortion throughout the range. This is fairly unusual - most lenses show switch between barrel (at the wide end) and pincushion distortion (at the mid to long tele end).


The Sony lens produces a marginal amount of pincushion distortion (~0.3%) which is not objectionable in field conditions.

Truth is if they tested the Sony E Mounts uncorrected, which they don't the numbers would be over the top...

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Scroll down to the uncorrected grid. I.e. What you'll get if you shoot raw. Distortion at 12mm is terrible!!! Yikes!

You are looking at the grid for corrected jpegs.

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