New EPIC camcorder first to beat D800E dxomark score

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Re: New EPIC camcorder first to beat D800E dxomark score

Scott McMorrow wrote:

... and Temporal oversampling is just another form of HDR photography. If you're filming at a 60 frame per second rate, there is quite a bit of latitude to take multiple shots within that timeframe, and perform the signal processing necessary to extend the dynamic range in any way that you want within the constraints of that processing period.

Eric Fossum's Quanta Image Sensor research is heading in this direction for general photography.

These extended concepts of capture are going to become more important over time I think.

It seems as those these things likely benefit the highlight end of dynamic range much more than the shadow end.  It's easy to slip in a 1/500 sec exposure just after a 1/60 exposure if you can read and flush it quickly enough.

This is convenient for cinematographers, who would like to be able to shoot high contrast scenes (e.g., indoor-outdoor combined) without blowing out the highlights.  This kind of highlight compression was a grace that film provided for them pretty nicely.

On that shadow side, I think there are only minimal gains, if any.  I feel pretty sure that the D800 gets down at least as far in the shadows as the smaller Dragon, even after oversampling.

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