MFT vs Fujifilm lens weight/size comparison

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Lab D wrote:

Even smartphones now have good DoF control:

It is only a matter of time before all cameras have an option to take a few pictures in a spit second with varying focal points, and then let you pick the spot you want in focus for the final image and let you apply a very shallow DoF. For some but not situations, no more need for large sensors.

But help me to understand this. If someone is willing to come up with such technology, which would not be free by any stretch, then the idea of shallow DoF is not that unimportant after all. BUT on this very same forum we often read the contrary, that people are struggling (however ridiculous it sounds) to get more DoF, and they do not need anything shallower than what they already have. So why would somebody, somewhere, invest into technology that no-one needs. Puzzling! Shall we wait to celebrate when they come up with the ways to use the current Olympus lenses on a full frame format? Even though those larger sensors will be nothing but junk by that time, I think in concept it would not be a small news either, don't you agree .

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