MFT vs Fujifilm lens weight/size comparison

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DOF control won't matter much longer.

Even smartphones now have good DoF control:

Depth of Field effect created using the Selective Focus mode.

The Galaxy S5 already has an impressively quick focus time, just a fraction of a second, which can also be used to have the camera quickly take multiple images at different focus levels. Using the Selective Focus feature, you can create images with a very cool looking depth of field effect, after a short period of processing time. Once you’ve taken a snap, you can go back to the picture and swap between different focus levels.

It is only a matter of time before all cameras have an option to take a few pictures in a spit second with varying focal points, and then let you pick the spot you want in focus for the final image and let you apply a very shallow DoF.   For some but not situations, no more need for large sensors.

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