ND Filter issues on Nikon D800 and 24-70 - please help. check images.

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Re: ND Filter issues on Nikon D800 and 24-70 - please help. check images.

ianbramham wrote:

Hi please take a look at this question no one even read it i don't know if i post it wrong or something:


i really need your help

Yes, it looks like a light leak issue to me. If you didn't close the viewfinder shutter then that would be the cause. The variation between shots in the amount of light leakage is quite normal and down to how close to the camera you were on each shot and how much your body was shading the viewfinder.

Please also note that I've read reports that the Nikon 24-70 lens also has a known issue with light leaks through the distance indicator window on the lens barrel - this would be better taped over with black electricians tape to eliminate it as a possible cause.

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It has been known for several years that the  Nikkor 24-70 does have a light leak - through the indicator window. It only becomes evident in bright light conditions. To test the lens just put on the cap and take a shot with a bright bulb shining on the indicator window. Repeat the shot with a piece of black tape over that window.

I had mine repaired by Nikon for free, although at the time I had to pay the costly shipping. I believe Nikon eventually repaired the 24-70 and also paid the shipping. They may still do this.

On the other hand, a simple piece of black tape over that indicator window works.


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