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That's the nature of the beast.

This is my opinion only ok?

The 135 is an older model. It has only been in recent years that Canon (and maybe other manufacturers as well) have begun optimizing their lenses for wide open performance. The 24-70 II is a prime example. It's best aperture is f2.8 and doesn't need much stopping down to shore up the corners. I've always thought the 85L II was decent wide open too.

You are not seeing things, the 135 gets sharper stopped down based on my memory of the lens when I owned it.

I can't speak to your experiments with ISO and SS but I would say f2 isn't as sharp as f4 at any setting however I think f2 can be usable.

Telhma wrote:

Okej, I have a 1DX and a 135mm Lens, and i want to get the best possible imague quality out of this thing. I tryed allready some kind of things, but i can not test it under the same conditions. so that's why i ask my question.

My 135mm is a very sharp lens, but it still is much sharper at f4/f5.6 then at f2. If i take pictures at S:1/250 A:f4 ISO:100 they look sharper then when i take them at S:1/1000 A:f2 ISO:100. But i am shooting mostly sports, so shuttertime is not realy a thing i want to give up. what means i need to get in to the higher ISO. and yes, shooting a picture att S:1/1000 A:f4 ISO:400 still looks sharper then shooting a picture att S:1/1000 A:f2 ISO:100.

But when i am in a situation where i need ISO800 with a A:f2 to get a shutter speed of 1/1000. it starts to look different, and i need to say i am not sure annymore if my images are sharper if i shoot ISO3200, A:f4, S:1/1000.

If i reach S:1/1000 A:f4 ISO:12800 compaired to S:1/1000 A:f2 ISO:3200. I need to say the images at f2 realy look much better then at f4.

So, my question is: is there somebody who know att what ISO you better go for a little les lens sharpness (leave subject isolation out of it).

Thanks in advance.

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