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Re: Well...distortion is a funny thing

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The ONLY zoom lens that I have used/owned that was sharp to the corners at all apertures with minimal distortion was the fantastic Olympus 12-40 f2.8. You have to see it to believe it. No other zoom comes close.

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And with corrections turned off in camera, it appears distortion may be worse with that lens.


Incorrect, way better than any Sony E Mount Zoom, and almost as good as the 50mm f/1.8 prime...


At 12mm, there is only a slight degree of barrel distortion (~0.5%) and it's negligible beyond.


The 10-18mm OSS exhibits a moderate degree (2.2%) of barrel distortion at 10mm - while this is visible, it is actually a very good figure at such a focal length. At the other end of the range, thus at 18mm, it shows a pincushion distortion of 1.8% which is slightly higher than average. Unsurprisingly, the two opposing distortion types even out around 14mm.


The 55-210mm OSS exhibits a slight to moderate degree (0.9-1.8%) of pincushion distortion throughout the range. This is fairly unusual - most lenses show switch between barrel (at the wide end) and pincushion distortion (at the mid to long tele end).


The Sony lens produces a marginal amount of pincushion distortion (~0.3%) which is not objectionable in field conditions.

Truth is if they tested the Sony E Mounts uncorrected, which they don't the numbers would be over the top...

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