Best photo editing software?

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Re: Best photo editing software?


There are some wise words in the thread above.

If you're new to photo editing then Apple's bundled iPhoto is the place to start. You can't get better than free and it's very simple to use. You may find that it's all you need for the moment.

The nice thing about starting with iPhoto is that you have a smooth upgrade path to Apple's Aperture which itself offers loads more capability both in terms of managing your photos and editing them. Since both iPhoto and Aperture can share the same library, you can start with iPhoto, have it store and manage your images, and then if you want the extra functionality of Aperture, then install it and simply migrate your iPhoto images to Aperture in situ.

Of course, you may want to jump straight into using a fully-spec'd editor, in which case most folks choose between Aperture and Lightroom. Other's have suggested you road test the trial versions and I would encourage the same approach to see what works for you. Others have also recommended taking an online training class and I also encourage the same. In fact, with these more capable and complex products, I would go so far as to say that its essential.

I have around 500gig of photos (and some video) managed by Aperture (in a managed library). I learned how to use it by taking Derrick Story's video classes over at which are highly recommended. After a year or so, I "upgraded" the photo editors by installing the Google Nik plug-in suite. Now I use Aperture for what it's really strong at (digital asset management, a fancy way to say photo storage and metadata management) and I use best-in-class Nik plug-ins for noise reduction, sharpening and photo editing. Nik first came on my radar because Nikon licensed their system and embedded it into their own NX raw converter/editing program. You can learn more about their secret sauce (U-Point tech) here: and the best thing about Nik is that the suite is available for either Aperture or Lightroom.

Good luck with your choice.


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