E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

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Re: E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

FW Scharpf wrote:

I moved from the Canon 5DII to the Olympus EM-5, and have been completely happy with it. Greater DR and better IQ -- good enough for very sharp A2 prints. No reason to change, but I plan to get the A7R, hoping to get the equivalent of medium format film IQ when using my Canon lenses with the Metabones adapter for landscapes and nature photos.

On the basis of all information available here, what will I miss in comparison to the EM-5?

IBIS -- yes, but I plan to use the A7R mostly on tripod.

Touch sensitive LCD -- yes, definitely, since I have become used to select the (smallest) focusing area by tipping on the LCD.

Perhaps: the ability to determine and adjust the optimal exposure visually in the EVF.

Not sure what you mean by this. You can set the EVF to show the exposure effect or to make it optimized for viewing, regardless exposure settings. I won't take it as 100% reliable tool to set your exposure but in combination with zebra and/or histogram in EVF, you should be able to nail it quite well.

With A7r, you will have hard time to find WA lenses for A7r across the systems.... My Zeiss 21/2.8 ZE can't focus to infinity with Metabones SA III, and even my Canon TS-E 17 f/4 is not crystal clear in the corners, which is rather surprising (speaking about smaller apertures - f/8, f/11).

For landscape from tripod you shouldn't miss touch sensitive LCD IMO...

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