A7r 24-70 vs Nex-7 16-70 vs EM1 12-40

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Re: Don't know what this was deleted the first time, please enlightened me...

blue_skies wrote:

Must have gotten a complaint Henry? Truth is painful for some folks at times....

Over Christmas, I compared a number of lenses on the A7.

You can see the set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/111458433@N02/sets/72157639197006713/

A few samples included per below.

Getting sharp images is not difficult with either of your three setups. Understanding the differences is a bit more tricky.

Getting sharp sides and corners is the tricky part...

Basically, DOF and light/sensor size are all interrelated, but so is image resolution and final sharpening.

As is viewing detail in the corners of the lens, physics can't be overcome by lens that are too small in diameter to properly cover a sensor...

Taking 3 OOC JPG and declare a winner is just an exercise for the day. Knowing why one camera outperforms the other ultimately results in a technique and a post-processing flow that will always make this one camera be preferred. Perhaps not for all, but at least to yourself.

I just use my eyes, thats what I use to view all photos...although not as good as they used to be...

Fwiw, I find that sharpening, when applied post any image re-sizing, is more effective in hinting IQ, but that the true IQ is always burried in the higher-pixel count image - assuming similar quality lenses, and proper handling of lighting/DOF/sensor size.

Any blurred corners that are not resolved after shooting the same shot off the same tripod at the same time of day will prove many things about lens vs sensor performance easily....

Also, in actual usage, I find the FF sensor by far the easiest to 'get what I want', even though I love the 16Mp of the Nex-6 (for many reasons).

I don't as with nature shots and close ups DOF is extremely important, the f/2.8 on a m43 gives you fast shutter speed and 2x's DOF which is really great when shooting moving insects, but also great when shooting birds as well...

I also think that everyone should go and try different ISOs to see what they can tolerate. The 'ISO 100 is best' may be true, but these Sony sensors let you shoot at ISO 800 without any noise. That gives you quite a bit flexibility to -yes- STOP DOWN

With the Sony 16-70 and 24-70 one MUST stop down to even get close to sharp corners, still mushy, but more acceptable...

And, if the image is to be used at a certain size, it can be made to 'sparkle' for that size. Just do not zoom (pixel peep) in then

WHO prints over 20 X 30?

Lastly, if you compare cameras/formats - take series. Any single image can be mis-focused, OIS missed, camera shake, etc. - with a series you have a better feeling how the camera does in your hands.

ALL same tripod same day same time with sun playing peek-a-boo

BTW - I tried the RX10 last week - for what you seem to be aiming for (large DOF/low ISO), this may very well become your preferred camera - do go try one!

Too slow, too large, not designed for TC or Close Up Lens, the RX100 is a great example of a camera not designed to take close ups, the RX10 probably isn't either I suspect...




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Nice shots Henry, thanks four the comments..

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