E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

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Re: E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

NumberOne wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

I find a dedicated exposure comp in A7 dial totally useless

I guess you don't use 'Manual Mode with Auto-ISO' a lot...

In that scenario the dedicated EV dial remains in theory useless since the A7(r) is one of the very few cameras who can claim to have three soft dials (which is what every camera using a PASM dial + soft dials ergonomical paradigm should have). In SA mode there still is one soft dial that isn't used, and in fact, at least on the pre-production model I tried, I could customise it to change EV compensation instead of the EV dial.

In practice though I find the A7's rear clickwheel to feel unpositive and to be too easily turned by accident so the EV dial remains a valuable addition... But I think I may have preferred it to be a soft dial (in which case it could have been used as the ISO dial in M mode for example).

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