Olympus OMD and noise at low ISO

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Re: Olympus OMD and noise at low ISO

Rocky ID Olympian wrote:

This is true. I looked at the files from Fuji X100S and X-E2, noise is cleaner but less detail too.

Right. Also depends on RAW converter a lot - Adobe is the worst scenario.
I use Capture One for my Fuji RAW development (when I need it, rarely though), and I see less fine details (like bird's feathers) compared to wife's Panasonic GX7 (and my Canon 6D), but less noise than m4/3 also. I think Fuji already applies noise reduction to it's "RAW" files, or just allies it more, than competitors.

I think Fuji is great system for people, who don't want to do a lot of post processing and not a pixel-peepers, while other systems require more work with RAW files and converters to get best of the files.

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