E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

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Re: E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

KwhyChang wrote:

I have E-M1 and A7. What I miss most is the way you review images. With the E-M1 you can use the dial to zoom in and out to examine detail. With the A7, you press mag once, then you are almost fully magnified and then have to push the zoom out button ten times or less to look at what you want.

I just want to chime in, even though I never owned a E-M1. This is my main niggle with my A7R. Why, oh why could Sony not keep the fluid image review from the NEX cameras? On those, you only needed to touch the dial and center button to zoom and navigate swiftly.

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