24-70 F4 blows away my kit lens

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ianbrown wrote:

HI Danny

all makes perfect sense, but it probably won't stop me or others testing.

The worst thing I ever did was pixel peep, I will regret it for the rest of my life but I bet I am not alone



I'll tell you a little secret Ian.

When I was about 21-23 I decided I wanted to see how good Kodachrome 25 was with the Vivitar 70-210 series one zoom. At the time I was into photomicrography, so I took a shot of a car a good 1 1/2 - 2 miles away at a guess. Stuck the K25 slide under the microscope and low and behold, I could read the number plate as clear as day.

So what did that tell me. Easy, even at ASA 25 with a good lens it still shows noise, the lens was sharp, the details were great. So if I took a shot of that side through the microscope, get the image printed, do I really want to see the number plate shot !!! Ahhhh, nope.

Did that test improve my images, did it show more details in my shots at full size projected ?? Again, nope !!. It actually did nothing for me at all and it still doesn't today.

I crop around 90-95 % of my shots, so basically a full time cropper, but and its a big but, I know my gear extremely well and know what the sensor is capable of so that I can still get a large print if wanted and can still be published without being embarrassed by providing the RAW. I can't submit a crop, so what is the point of it all. Self satisfying to say look how much I can crop and yep, it looks terrible cropped that much. So I only go so far and anything slightly wrong with a shot, wrong head turn, even slightly out of focus, bad exposure, needs too much of a crop, not enough light on the eye, etc, all those go in the bin. So heavy crops don't do anything for me Ian and they never will. I have cropped heavily with the NEX-7 for the sake of it and its remarkable, but it actually does nothing.

Sure it shows how sharp a lens and sensor is, but how come we see so many great shots taken with lenses that don't do well in a review, crop or not. Because you don't need the perfect lens that doesn't exist.

Aww far too long and I can't be swayed either Ian. We are both too darn stubborn mate

All the best and I better retire from this one


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