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Re: And?

Now I think we all have a different level of expectation and I think this particular lens (being a new FE design) some expected it to be sharp across the frame, at least when you. Get to f8 or f11.

I have had the lens a few days and  I am going to do further tests today, however in comparison to the kit lens you get, better build, 4mm wider and a stop faster at 70mm.

On the a7r you would never dream of putting the kit lens on so really if you have the A7r and want a walkabout zoom you have no options.

I have had canon and nikon lenses in the past and I did extensive testing of the 24-70 f2.8 MKII v 24-70 F4 and at almost double the price the 24-70 f2.8 was "marginally" better, so it's the law of ever dismissing returns.

I remember buying a cinema amp a few years ago for £500 and then upgraded to a £1500 model, again not much difference, as in most things there is a sweet spot and beyond that life gets less perfect.


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