New Fuji XT-1 or EM1?

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Re: Really?

SaltLakeGuy makes some ridiculous statements all around the forum about Fuji - that it outperforms any FF-camera from Canon/Nikon, has better tracking capabilities and etc.

Don't even bother try to explain him that he's wrong.

As Fuji owner I'm thinking to get EM1... why? Because we can argue about lenses/sensor size and all the stuff around, but at the end it comes down to - camera should make a shot fast. No big shutter lag, sloppy AF and etc. Fuji may have better sensor, but it's AF is 2 generations older (especially in dim/low light), than any modern m4/3 camera, and Fuji still have worse shutter lag.

My wife has Panasonic GX7, I've shot with it from time to time, and in terms of AF/lag it's way better and faster than Fuji X.

Well-implemented face detection and touch-screen is also nice to have.

I thought on getting X-T1, but I don't want to spend 1300$ on the thing, that is not that far from my X-E1 in terms of performance.

Also, Olympus still has an edge in telephoto options - there's no 100-300mm option for Fuji, and no equivalent for Oly 75/1.8.

Also, I'm not a big fan of paper-thin DOF when shooting action - better have, let's say, 3.6 equivalent DOF with 1.8 aperture - lower ISO and faster shutter speed possible.

So, I think I would take EM1 for casual/birds/action shooting, and leave X-E1 for laid-back shooting, when I don't need speed and don't want to lug my 6D around.

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