E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

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Re: E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

KwhyChang wrote:

Alex Notpro wrote:

Looking for any A7 owners who are also current/former EM1 owners...

What capabilities or features do you miss the most (if any) in moving from the EM1 to the A7?

Anything from minor annoyances to major omissions by Sony?

PLEASE don't try to compare Full Frame versus Micro Four Thirds, that is not the point of this thread.

I'm specifically interested in USABILITY of these cameras, how they handle in the field, etc... the kind of subtle differences you won't find by reading the spec sheets.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

I have E-M1 and A7. What I miss most is the way you review images. With the E-M1 you can use the dial to zoom in and out to examine detail. With the A7, you press mag once, then you are almost fully magnified and then have to push the zoom out button ten times or less to look at what you want.

Other than that, I miss time with the E-M1. The A7 is more fun to use and the results are more enjoyable to look at.

You can use rear control wheel to zoom in/out in playback mode, once you press C2. Not a big help but more convinient than pushing buttons here and there...

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