Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

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Re: Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

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Yes or else there might be a better APS-C camera, the A77 replacement. A99 will sure go down in price by then too. Good glass rarely drop in price much unless a replacement is released but even then they hold thier price pretty well (Eg: 70-200 G and 70-200 G2 OR 70-400 G and 70-400 G2). While the price of G versions did drop, but not massively, compared to camera bodies which will go down in price like we recently saw with A99.

I'm assuming you're talking about the announcement on SonyAlphaRumors? A77 VII Personally though, by the time that happens, I think I will still want a FF. SO maybe I will wait until then and get the A99 while the price is low.

No I don't refer to rumours becoz they are rumours which mean they may or may not be true. What I am saying is buy a good glass which you will be able to use and get benefits of on your A77. This way you can improve your technique while you save up for a FF camera. By the time you have gathered enough money for camera the price would have come down hopefully.

The other way around you buy body at a more expensive price and not have good glass. On top you may lose money buying cheap lens which you don't want (you will need some lens to go on that body while you save up for that 70-200). When you finally come to buy the lenses after you have saved up again you will find the price has been the same for the lens. I do not see much benefits in this method plus you are losing more money.

Also I am going to add FF is not the answer to all problem. People want full frame for not just high ISO but for DoF etc etc. A99 will give you 2 stops improvement tops and with the cropping and all, you this may even go further down compared to your A77. The new APS-C might even close this gap further to 1-1.5 stops. Look at the example pictures posted on the e-mount forums from the new A6000 you'll notice the ISO performance has improved.

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