70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: 70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

Super486 wrote:

Lifting 4ev from pretty dark shadows is not deep enough and the test is a random, not valid test?

Define "pretty dark". You can lift 10 stops, if you want, but if you are not near the read noise, you are wasting your time.

OK. I'm happy with my random abilities, then.

It is OK to be happy with that but not OK to criticize test data you do not understand. The extended DR of Sony/Nikon sensors is useful when you have very deep shadows (much deeper than in your test), and you really want to reveal what is hidden there. This is rarely needed but when it is, Canon sensors are worse, it is a fact.

IIRC, i've said from first post that Sony sensors give cleaner shadows. No one can deny that.

However, it seems that some are bothered by the fact that with some care there is a wide DR latitude on recent Canon sensors (70D at least, and 6D looks even better) and noise characteristics is not bad at all.

It seems it's not OK to say that, even worse to show some examples.
If you say I don't understand DXO tests and that makes you feel better, then OK. That doesn't change the point of my original post, though.

You are fixated on DXO and pitch black pictures, I'm fixated on real world results. Let's be happy respectively, then.

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