About to buy a camera, questioning K-5ii vs. K-3 IQ difference?

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Re: About to buy a camera, questioning K-5ii vs. K-3 IQ difference?

paulkienitz wrote:

The lower measured DR of the K-3 relative to the K5IIs is a direct tradeoff for the added resolution. They measure more grain because the grain is finer. If you really want a less grainy look you might like the lower megapixel sensor better.

Hi Paul. I am just rediscovering photography. I took a class back in high school (1990ish) and remember a little bit about this. I would think that a smaller sensor resolution would relate to larger film grain so I do not quite understand why a higher resolution camera would show more grain. If I remember it correctly, larger grains can absorb more light so I think I can understand the resolution/DR trade-off. That is why a full-frame 16mp sensor would be better than a 16mp APS-C, which is better than a 16mp 1/2.3" crop sensor.

One way the K-3 is significantly improved is in the metering sensor. I am very impressed by how well it notices rather small white areas and keeps them from blowing out.

So, less harsh highlighting. And, probably better metered shadows as well. Sounds great.

The default "bright" color setting does oversaturate. "Natural" looks drab to some. The "portrait" setting might be a good middle ground -- that's what I've ended up using as a default on both my K-3 and my Q.

I am trying to find samples of these. Found discussion that you were part of 11 months ago regarding this.

The one other dramatic gain from the K-5II to the K-3 is burst rate, and processing speed in general, as it has a newer generation of processor. The autofocusing is the last significant upgrade, but from what I hear it's not that dramatic a jump between these two models. (It was certainly a dramatic change from my ancient K10D.)

I am trying to figure out how important these are to me. I am not going to be trying to catch pictures of flying birds or sports so these may not be worth the extra $500. Better processing of details, highlights, and shadows are though.

Thanks for your input,

Another Paul.

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