Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

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Re: Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

c0nstrictor wrote:

So it's getting hard to answer all these questions (especially on an iPod in school), but here are some answers to the overlying questions:

1. As for money, I have around $1100 in the bank right now, and this increases by around $50 every week, and hopefully in the spring I'll get another job, so that can turn into $100 a week. I would only need to have my parents "loan" me like $100 to pay for this. So it's not like I'll be loaning $1000 or something from them.

And just to tell you guys, my parents haven't bought anything for me, expect to pay like $300 for the A77 for my birthday.

2. And about selling the A77, I would sell it with the grip, two batteries, the 18-55, 70-300, and the HVL20AM flash. So my estimation is that I could get from like $1000-$1200 for it. If I play my cards right.

3. About my photo, I know I have MUCH to learn. The shutter speed was pretty essential, as he was drumming and moving very quickly, too fast for really any other SS.

I have another concert on Saturday, and will be using my A77 (obviously), so I'll try it out again, play with the settings, and try to use the lowest ISO, while keeping a fast SS, and not under exposing it too much.

4. Finally, as for lenses, I am thinking about definitely having at least a 50 1.4, and either primes or a 70-200. So it'll take a while to get enough money to pay for all of it, but it will happen, and I won't be borrowing any money from my parents for these lens after this camera.

You guys have a ton of good advice, so I thank you, I will think it over, and will get back to you all in a day or two. I just wanted to hear what you guys thought of it, and that's exactly what you did. Thanks so much!

I think $1000-1200 selling it yourself is optimistic. Realistically you might be able to get $700-1000 tops. If you were to sell it outright to someplace like B&H you would get about $500. If you get the A99 for $1200 with the two lenses you mentioned you'll need about $2100 to get started, so you're probably looking at needing to raise about $1500 which at the rate you described, looks like about 5 months.

Personally I would wait and try to work with what you have. Instead of using shutter priority I might have used aperture priority. If you want to focus on a certain shutter speed I would have maybe used 1/80-1/125 instead of 1/200 which obviously caused an underexposure. I prefer to allow for some motion blur with drummers sticks because it adds a little more character to the shot.

Spot metering isn't a bad choice, but if you're subject is bright it'll bring the rest of the exposure down. Multi-segment metering might have raised the overall exposure for the scene. I suggest doing a quick check to see how the different metering options work in the scene you're shooting just to make sure which works best. Basically you just need to consider what the camera is trying to do in terms of exposure. Lets say you have a card that has 18% gray, white, and black on it. If you spot meter on the 18% grey, you'll get a "properly" exposed picture. If you spot meter on the white, it'll lower the exposure to make the white grey, so everything will be darker (underexposed). If you spot meter on the black, it'll raise the exposure to make the black grey, and everything around may be blown out (overexposed).

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Good luck and happy shooting!

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